Krysten aka @boostedbab3 has the CLEANEST sticker bombed charger!

We are so excited to show off Krysten's widebody Dodge Charger. You have to check this thing out. It is the cleanest vehicle related sticker bomb we have seen!

She meticulously added our stickers to the hood and trunk, as well as some parts on the interior to make it pop and turn heads. Check out the pictures below and read about her process. Also, make sure you follow her on Instagram: @boostedbab3 & Tiktok: @boostedbabee



What inspired you to do this?

Well as I built my car I wanted something that stands out from the rest, that take people perspective and push it outside of normal. This car is all about setting new standards, creating new looks on stuff. So for this I wanted something different that isn’t common for your average “domestic car” so what did I do I took the standard basic black hood chargers come with or change to and make something crazy. So I went on to buy bulk amounts of stickers and created Stella the first sticker-bombed charger on social media. And that’s how we got here and continue to push the limits and set new ones. 



How long did the process take?
From start to finish from vinyl wrapping my hood up until the last coat of clear it’s took about 3 days for hood and about a day and a half to do the trunk! 


Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Kyrsten but people call me “boosted” my husband and I met through cars and the rest is history. We have had several cars over the 7 years we have been together, it will be out 5 year wedding anniversary in November so that’s exciting. We have a beautiful family together our kiddos names are “Kambyr 6” and our son “kastor 3” and our 2 dogs “hemi and torque”. My husband  and I are big into the car scene and we share our passion for cars together as well as others who enjoy our builds. When we aren’t working on cars or projects we are usually at local car shows or catch us online playing valorant. I took inspiration from a few games my husband taught me so I tied them into my car build you’ll see in some pictures some full size characters throughout  my build and those have meaning and memories with them. That’s a little sneak peek into my life and what our family is about. Not very often you see a car family and I love that about us, yet again beating the odds and creating something amazing. Thanks for taking interest in me as well as my family and can’t wait to continue the build! Until next time! 

Follow Krysten on Instagram @boostedbab3 to see more pictures of her Charger and also checkout her TikTok @boostedbabee


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Very Cool.

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