Leroy Moore's Custom Nike Shoes

Leroy recently sticker bombed some Nike shoes in a very creative and unique way. Check them out below and read about how he did it! He even made a sweet video that you can see at the end. He used our Assorted Sticker Pack for this project.

What inspired you to do this?

I was inspired to make the video because it was different from what other people were doing with some. I figured if would be unique for my son to wear to school, and be a different style of head turner.

How long did the process take?

The complete process took about 10.5 hours. It was about 5 hours to build the shoes, and shooting the process.  I then spent about 5 hours editing that down to the video that represents the finished product.
I always try to create something creative everyday. I am still trying to find more creative ways to use stickers in ways that are unique and would make good video content.
Tell us a bit about yourself.

I played professional golf for 17 years, and then start ThreeMooreMedia to expand on my creative side and make fun and interesting video content for social media.
Three Moore Media
Check out the video below!

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That is so creative, can I ask,how did you keep the stickers from peeling up or coming off? Did you glue them down then curate them or….

randy rinker

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