Scott's Recycled Shelf Project

We get sent tons of very creative projects every day! It's probably our favorite part of doing what we do. We have been wanting to start a blog to showcase some of our favorite projects and use our platform to promote whatever it is the creator has going on in their lives!

We are very excited to share this project from Scott as our first blog post in this creative series.

Scott took an old, unused display shelf and creatively turned it into a masterpiece! We reached out to him to get the inside scoop of how he came up with this idea, what the process looked like and what he planned to do with it.

What inspired you to do this?

It goes back to my love and appreciation of graffiti and street art. I never could write. I sort of tried a handful of times on and off. I am absolutely not the guy when it comes to that. 

I always get ideas for art projects but this is one of the first I followed through on. I started getting ads for stickerload and saw some of the creations. I thought they were super dope. But at the time I didn't really have my own application for it.

But once I saw the opportunity I jumped at the chance to create something unique of my own. At work they were going to toss out this display shelf and as soon as I saw it it just clicked in my head. I recalled the video of the gaming system getting plastered with stickers and in my head I could just picture this shelf becoming a cool one of a kind display shelf.

How long did the process take?

Haha! The entire process took a month once I got the stickers in hand. At first I thought it would take no time at all. Just slap stickers and go, like how long could this really take?

Well. I can share some things that slowed me down...

One is that I quickly realized I wanted to sort 550 stickers it took into categories. Pretty much what stickers did I like the most and which ones the least. 

Then I sorted those categories into other sub categories. Like which ones do I want on the front posts, which ones do I want on the top shelf and so on.

What I learned you don’t want to do is just put whatever sticker anywhere. So I used the ones I knew I would not be upset with - they were fully visible and created a base on each section. Then I’d go back over the base I created and cover all the spots using the stickers I liked more. 

I saved my very favorites for last and those were my finishing touches. I thought it would take a few days but took my time here and there making sure I got it the way I wanted exactly. 

Anything else you might think of that pertains to the project?

What’s great about Stickerload is you get such a wide variety of stickers and I got stickers that I actually didn’t even realize I would like. The big packs of random stickers were really high quality and so much fun to go through. For me it really unlocks that almost childlike fun and creativity. I loved it so much I had my own sticker created halfway through the process. I think there’s potential for me to recycle other used furniture in the future and make more one of a kind pieces. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

The core of who I am and my lifestyle is rooted in elements of hip hop. I am essentially a b-boy at heart. At a young age I was a self taught breakdancer. As early as I can remember with no actual familial influence I was naturally attracted to the culture. You name it and I was into it. From old school movies like Beatstreet and Wild Style, to underground tapes and graffiti - I loved it all and still do.

I’ve had an interesting life. My daily life has been spread out over military life and becoming an Iraq veteran, to working in a myriad of industries. But while my work life was ever changing and unpredictable, and starting a family was full of surprises, I never ever let go of what I loved to do and be a part of.

And it wasn’t until more recently I started finally publishing my music projects. In essence I’m just a guy from Southern California, who loves everything hip hop.

How long have you been DJing and producing music?

Now while I’m no longer battling it out on the dance floor, I’ve been a steady DJ/Turntablist professionally and as a hobby since 2003. It was around 2006 though I started experimenting with producing music.

Where can people find your music?

Well I just go by Scotty V. My music is released on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes and other major platforms. I have three digital albums out currently and another one I’m finishing up I’ll be dedicating to my dad who just passed this year.

Check out his music on Spotify


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